about me

Robin Summerfield is a writer, editor, photographer, journalist, food lover, sometime cook and baker, friend, explorer, responsible adult, eater of cupcakes, diaper changer and leaf thrower.



My CV: Words, picture taker and stomach behind PegCityGrub, culinary travel blog for Tourism Winnipeg. Food, chef and restaurant news reporter, photographer and videographer for Flavours magazine and CBC Manitoba’s The Scene, an online culture magazine. Travel writer for Travel Manitoba’s travel media website. Health writer for WAVE, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s health living magazine. Former senior reporter and columnist at the Calgary Herald.

Follow me on Twitter @RSummerfield

For intell on Winnipeg’s food scene follow me—aka Peg City Grub—on Twitter @PegCityGrub or visit Pegcitygrub.com

Contact me:
E-mail me at robin.summerfield@yahoo.ca.
Follow me on Twitter @RSummerfield and @PegCityGrub.
Check me out on Facebook here.
Text or call me at 204-797-4429.

Those interested in using my photos for non-commercial purposes:
1) Thanks, that’s cool.
2) Please give photo credit to Robin Summerfield.
I can be contacted directly at: robin[dot]summerfield[at]yahoo[dot]ca.

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